electronics design principles


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Could u refer some links where I could find info on multivibrator design and electronics design principles?
It is fair to say electronic design principles varies from one branch of electronics to another. Is there any particular area of electronics design that you have in mind (e.g. semiconductor, LSI/VLSI circuits, analog circuits etc)?



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Principles of Amplifiers and Active Devices

Bipolar Junction Transistors - CE Amplifier, CC Amplifier and CB Amplifier

Operational Amplifiers

Sadly our section of FETs is pending and hence much of the work on FET amplifers.

As for oscillators I would recommend you look at Microelectronic Circuits by Sedra and Smith Chapter 13 which will give you a thorough overview of oscillators, multivibrators, waveform shaping circuits and rectifier circuits. I will also supplement the information from AAC on amplifiers including that for FET amplifer circuits.



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That only separates you from vacuum tube designs. High-frequency design rules are significantly different from audio, analog computational designs are different from commercial ones. Lab equipment is different from less stringently-controlled electronics. You have to narrow you area of interest.

Possibly reading the material on this site might help you choose an area of interest.
For high frequency design, one excellent book is
High Speed Digital Design:Amazon.com: "High Speed Digital Design": Books

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