Electronics AC/DC + Logic Cheat Sheets

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Greetings everyone!

I have created two PDFs I feel would be very helpful to people who are taking classes in electronics. There are also some graphics containing Resistor Color Codes, and Ohm's & Watt's Law.

I would like to point out that these are not yet complete. Here's why:
During my semester of AC/DC Fundamentals and Digital Circuits, each class only covered about half of the book. These PDFs represent all of the important formulas and info taught in those classes. When I take the rest of my AC/DC and Digital classes, I plan on finishing the files. But for now, this should cover a LOT of the important formulas.

Please keep in mind:
These are ONLY formulas! They are NOT quick guides to LEARNING electronics!

My professors were very impressed with my PDFs and allowed me to use them on my final. They even made copies for the entire class. But half the class still did not understand what they meant -- So PLEASE make sure you understand HOW the formulas work! Also -- ask and see if your professors will let you use them on YOUR tests! It can't hurt to ask, and will be very helpful if they let you!

Please do not email me asking me how to use these sheets or the formulas. If you are having trouble with electronics, please post your questions in the forum!

I hope these files are as useful to you as they were for me! Good luck on your tests!

Due to the size of the text and the program used to create the symbols, they appear as one single line. I'm sorry if they appear as one, but if you zoom in very close you can make out the seperation :p Thanks for bringing it up though. You guys might want to make a note on the paper about that. Compare it with the text books and make sure you mark them as "seperated".

All responses should be private messaged so this topic stays as short as possible.

Any corrections are welcome. Keep in mind, there's not much more that can be altered on the guides due to their incredibly small text and the amount of content on there :)


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