Electronic test paper checker

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hi guys!
just would like to ask help for our project proposal. Its a device whioch could electronically check test paper with answers in a shaded box form. We are planning to use a infrared circuits which could sense that a shaded portion exixt and convert it n digital form and compare it to the answer written by means a assemly program in the PIC. Can you give comments or any suggestion in doing our design. Or a working infrared circuits utizing reflective sensing. Thank you so much for those who are willing to help.


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Fairchild makes several different reflective sensors (QRB11xx series and QRD11xx series). You can always get a couple and see how well they support your needs.

You may find it's necessary to place a separate track on the score sheet to indicate the places where an answer box is located. That lets the uC know where to expect a valid signal.