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What I'm looking for is to take a signal from a 555 timer, and "count" it for 6 counts, and vary the output on each of the 6 counts.

After those 6 times I want it to reset and go back to the beginning.

Forgive me for not being more specific, I am just looking to see if there is anything like this available.

This is my conception of what it would look like.

count signal ---> count 1 output
---> count 2 output
---> count 3 output
---> count 4 output
etc etc.

Is there any IC or anything which can do anything like this?



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Well, not quite sure what you mean by "vary the output on each of the 6 counts". :confused:

A while back, I drew up a schematic for a fellow who wanted a timer circuit that could change pulsewidths on every count. Didn't use a 555 timer, but a 4093 Schmitt-trigger NAND gate as an astable multivibrator, with a 4017 Johnson counter to select different pulsewidths for the next time duration.

See the attached.