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Im a 4th Electronics Engineering and one of my requirements is a project study/Theis. can you give me some topics on what I can do. Im running out of ideas, all that i think has already been made. thank you. :confused:


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Just because it has been done doesn't mean you can't add new engineering or investigate it in more depth.

You should search this forum, as this question has been asked a million times. OK, maybe I'm exaggerating, it's only a zillion times... :p


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Google: FYP "final year project" xxxxxxxxxxx
FYP is commomly used for "final year project"
xxxxxxxxxxx are modifiers that fit your academics and interests
Such as:
FYP "final year project" electronics power
FYP "final year project" computer imaging
FYP "final year project" communications encryption
FYP "final year project" wireless medical monitoring

And a someonesdad suggested, search these forums. Look at all the problems people have come here to have solved with electronics. ;)

Let your personal interests (and maybe your adviser's) be you guide.



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topics about sms controlling, or signal processing, or monitoring or general electronics
Building systems control or industrial processing...opportunities for device and systems control...monitoring instrumentation...alarming...remote access (sms)

Think about what your ideal job would be after graduation. Look for projects in that direction. It will look good on a resume'.