Electronic Principles, Malvino/Bates

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    May 8, 2010
    So, I'm happily reading Malvino/Bates "Electronic Principles, 7ed". As other forum members stated, this is a nice book! I like it.

    Alas, I would *really* like to find a list of answers to even-numbered problems. Anyone here have access to McGraw-Hill's instructor-side site? I don't see any mention of a separate instructor's manual for 7th-Ed. Either way, all I really want is to confirm my answers to even-numbered problems.

    Also - I tried tracking down Albert Malvino for this information, via www.malvino.com and the McGraw-Hill site, but malvino.com seems to have gone away. Mail sent to 'al' at that domain also bounces. Supposedly he has a "visual calculator" for electronics that is supposed to be a nice little program, I just can't access it that I know of.

    I don't know if he's still around, per se, even.

    (this is reposted in a new thread since it didn't really relate to my original thread.)
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    @sbixby - told you you'd like it. :) The one on transistors makes them easy to understand.
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    Yeah, I'm guessing it just reverted back to a co-host or co-location machine. The email sent to that domain bounced with some kind of unknown-server response, although I didn't look further. At any rate, it's as if his site is no longer being kept up to date or registered. Dunno. :confused: