Electronic Newbie Needs Help With Integrated Light Layout

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Hey guys so im new here, I actually joined after having some problems coming up with a integrated tail light layout for my motorcycle, so i was hoping you guys could help me out....

here is the BASIC idea

i want to make a scanning integrated tail light board, i had just planned on using a simple bread board.

with 10 90,000mcd red leds on the top row for running lights, as well as brake lights, these would be the ones that scan back and forth for running lights, and then 10 90,000mcd yellow leds on the bottom row 5 per turn signal (left and right)

basically below here is how i had originally planned on doing it, however after talking to a few friends they say that i should do it another way, so please let me know what you guys think

this is how i had planned on doing it from the power i would go to a resistor, then go to this


from here i would only use 5 of the six connections then put in another set of resistors one perwire to go to 10 red leds... 2 leds per wire...

here is the link to the leds i plan on using


and that would be my running lights

for the brake lights i had planned on using a relay to take power away from the running lights, i would need a different set of resistors for this since they need to be bright than the running lights

as for the signals i just need to wire the leds to resistors, and then to the power

i plan on using 10 red leds on to for brake and running

and 10 yellow leds on bottom 5 per turn signal

IF YOU CAN THINK OF THE BEST WAY TO DO THIS LET ME KNOW I realize this is quite possibly not the best way to go about this another friend mentioned a microchip to get the scanning effect vs the pre made contraption i linked...

here is the scanning effect i want for the running light


any help you guys can give me would be greatly appreciated, but while i have the idea, i cannot carry it out unless i get some higher electronic knowledge

thanks guys
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