Electronic humidity controller for poultry incubator/hatchery; and other applications

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    In this project an electronic circuit has been designed to help in regulating the height of water flowing under gravity in a tube; this consequently changes the rate of a mass flow of water which is essential for fixing any desirable relative humidity.
    1.HUMIDITY SENSOR: Has an output yielding reversal commands which are fed into a binary counter.
    2.BINARY COUNTER: discretely adds/subtracts in electronic values. Its outputs are fed into a binary-decimal converter (special kind of).
    3.BINARY-DECIMAL CONVERTER (SPECIAL KIND OF): this is necessary since a linear control of water level is required. It is what is linked to both the ‘electronic water gates’ and ‘electromagnetic valve’
    4.VAPORIZER: converts the quantified water into vapor and/or mixes it with air
    (See attached file)
    1. The tube consists of several ‘electronic partition’ which are referred to as ‘water gates’ or simply ‘gates’ and are labeled 1, 2, 3……, n; and an anti-overflow gate AG.
    2. A gate can either be open/inactive or closed/active.
    3. Water cannot rise into a closed gate; but can rise into an open gate
    4. Gates are linked to the EM valve (electromagnetic valve) to help in fixing the desired water level.
    5. Whenever humidity falls below the set value, the gates are opened successively from bottom moving upwards. This, consequently, increases the humidity in the system until the set value is reached; then the water level is fixed between the lastly opened gate and the adjacent closed gate. On the other hand;
    6. Whenever humidity rises above the set value, gates are closed successively from the lastly opened gate moving downwards. This consequently reduces humidity in the system until the set value is reestablished; then the water level is fixed between the lastly closed gate and the adjacent opened gate.
    7. The two processes repeat themselves in a cycle, at some predetermined rate; in maintaining the required relative humidity for the system in question.
    I’ll post the actual project in due course. Meanwhile I welcome critics; and issues which might need further clarification…