Electronic House Monitoring System

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    Aug 9, 2012
    We're instructed to design a system that monitors kitchen appliances power consumption and electronically informs the house owner if there's a problem,it must also monitor the lighting and the temperature,for example one of our group members(Computer Engineer) has to design an android based application that'll pop up on the user's cellphone and inform him if there's a problem with appliances or if it has become to dark/hot and light/fan needs to be switched on.Now there's 4 of us and GPRS module design as well the appliance and light/temperature handling has already been taken,and it has been suggested that I do voice recognition system that'll switch on light/fan on request.I feel that aspect doesn't fit the need of the project and I'd like to hear any additions that I might add to the project,it needs to correspond to the aspects of a home monitoring system.Keep in mind this is a 3rd year design project.Any ideas?