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    Sep 29, 2011
    what happens when a diode and a resistor are connected in parallel and there are three of these combinations in each arm of a bridge rectifier.if my input volage is 2120 i need to have a o/p voltage of 1200v in 1.25 seconds,what could be done??????????????????????:confused:
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    Assuming that "three of these combinations are in each arm" means that they are in series; what happens is that you have a bridge rectifier capable of tolerating greater reverse breakdown voltage levels, by a factor of 3. The forward biased voltage drop will be 3 times greater, but a drop of 2 or 3 V is not a problem with high input voltages. The resistors keep the diode voltage balanced when the diodes are reverse biased, so the breakdown voltages can be added, giving you 3 times more voltage capability.

    I don't understand this question, so I can't answer it.