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    Nov 25, 2012
    Best books on electronics
    1.Malvino- simple,less mathematical rigour
    2.Boylestead-some more detail,little more mathematics
    3.allen mottershed-some topics like rectifier,multivibrators are in detail than
    in other books
    4.Sedra and smith- simply one of the best books in microelectronics.its a reference
    5.Millman and halkias-the classical book in microelectronics.tells the finer details,the symbols and terms used is different than in sedra.eg: for bjt analysis is based on hfe parameters
    6.donald neamen- also good as reference
    7.vanvalkenberg-classical book on circuits.
    8.ganesh rao-good book on circuits-lot of good problems
    9.sudhakar and shyammohan-good book on circuits-some tricky questions are there.
    10.hayt-lot of problems and solutions-good book

    iwill suggest good books on oter subjects if anybody needs to
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