electromagnetic waves

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    Nov 14, 2004
    can somebody tell me what r really em waves,how radiation occurs,and how exactly they propagate .
    what i need to know is this , how does an em wave sustain itself thru space , means like how do e fields and m fields sustain each other ?
    what happens when a charge starts accelerating ?
    what happens to the electric field when a charge is moving with uniform velocity ?
    (like the e field shud 'get updated' ,if that happens then there is some disturbance moving out fromt the charge,doesn't that consitute a wave , so how does the field update itself)

    r maxwell's equations based upon pure theory ?
    if so how did he find out the relations between e and m fields ?

    also how do u explain em waves etc in terms of relativity theory

    omg ! think i posted in the wrong place can somebody move it to the physics sec

    thanx in advance :)