electromagnetic field detector-help now please

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    May 18, 2013
    Hello everyone,
    I am trying to build a circuit which consists of an equivalent circuit for a monopole antenna and a voltage doubler. I would like to detect the el-mag field from 100 MHz up to 10 GHz. But as a start, I can smooth the goal to 4-5 GHz.
    This equivalent circuit for the antenna is valid up to 3.5 GHz approx and the frequency response is not flat in frequency.
    Would you please tell me the best way to proceed with the circuit, in order to have a reasonably flat response and further proceed with some voltage doubler maybe??
    I attach a circuit which I simulated with ADS as well as SiMetrix. The first part of the circuit is just the equivalent circuit for this antenna, the rlc parallel in series with the loss resistance and the capacitor.
    Right now I have been trying with just a sinusoidal source, to further move to some impulsive sources maybe.

    Thanks in advance to anyone might help me and for your time :)