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  1. john170447

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    Feb 13, 2011
    Hi friends,

    I have a piece of flat soft iron bar ( it's 1010 steel ) measuring 25mm wide x 5mm thick x 175mm long. I wish to create as strong an electromagnet on this bar as possible, with the most optimum amount of current draw and least heat generation. I wish to start the windings 50mm from one end of the bar and running no longer than a further 100mm towards the other. ( leaves me 25mm spare for nylon mounting bracket)

    I have either a 12v 4aH gell to supply the electromagnet.

    Can any member advise me of what thickness of wire I should use and how many turns I must use to achieve maximum strength at the bars end closest to windings start point (50mm in ).

    I do have quite a large bobbin (8 inch dia spool former) of 20 swg enameled copper wire to hand but don't wish to create waste by trial & error method as the stuff is expensive and I'm on a fixed income old age pension.

    PS. For reference it's going to be used for a pulse motor so I assume the coil might be viewed as almost permanently on ?????...... not sure, I'm a real novice on these kind of things. Also would cutting a 5mm recess into the bars width to accomodate the windings increase it's strength or reduce it??

    Hope someone can help me with this,

    Kindest regards to all,

    John in the UK
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    Apr 20, 2004
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