electrodynamic suspension

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okay so i am doing a bit of research on the feasibility of Maglev trains. I know of the 2 types currently available from Transrapid and Linear Express. I am struggling to find detailed explanations on how the locomotive actually works.
I have the basics on how the levitation, guidance and propulsion systems work but i have a few questions.

In the electrodynamic system which uses superconductors are there on board batteries to power the helium cooling system and coils? Obviously i know the power source can be taken away because they are super conductors but it must remail constant for the cooling system. Or is the electricity provided by a link above the train? (like a tram). I was thinking that if it was batteries surley the train has to be stopped to recharge them? no ???

The second question is what happens in the event of a power failure on the track? Are they backed up too?

If anyone has any info or references etc on this i would appreciate it.




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The electric power can be provided by an overhead conductor, like a tram, or by an on-board motor-generator in the locomotive.

If you have a power failure everything comes to a halt.