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So I applied for the electricians union. I took the apptitude test and recieved a letter that I have passed the test and will be informed about an interview. Anyway I was wondering if anyone could tell me what to expect from the interview.


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probing for political views would be almost mandatory, but will not be 'clearly stated' as such. Expect to get asked lots of "what do YOU think" questions, and give them answers that they like, not the ones you really want to give.


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Depends on what country you are in. There's a place to declare that in your account.

I wish I knew what Kermit knew 40 years ago. I was applying for college scholorships in 1974 and had no political awareness. I didn't get any scholorships because I had no idea that the southern California "people in charge" thought the only good reason to be educated was to design military weapons.