Electrical Sources

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Is there another source other than a battery that could be used to generate a non-commercial electrical circuit? I am just curious as to what other sources could be used to accomplish this task. Thanks.


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Without any parameters given, it's hard to make a sensible reply. There are lots of ways, though.

At the bottom, you get a zillion (rough count) thermocouple junctions and heat them. Russians used to run radios off thermocouple collars on their lanterns in WW2.

There's the old windmill generator. Farmers had them by the thousand 70 years ago. We have lots of then left locally. Good for charging batteries, though, so not acceptable. There's larger wind turbines for higher voltages and current.

The old impulse water turbine is handy if you have a source of running water and a 20 foot head.

After that, any means of turning a shaft can spin an alternator. Steam or gasoline power is most convient. Honda makes nice generator sets.

I just remembered - there is another cheap source. Put up a baloon a few hundred feet, and you can draw atmospheric electricity. The potential is fairly high, but current will run in microamps. It's possible to build a motor that will run on it, though.