Electrical shortage?

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I recently replaced my submersible well pump, wiring, pressure switch, and pressure tank about two weeks ago. Everything was running good for about a week then the new tank seemed to not be filling properly and when taking baths, the water would stop and wait for the pump to run again. Today, the water just stopped. The pressure 30-50 pressure switch had burnt out and I replaced it with a 30-50 switch I had that I believe is in good shape. After turning the breaker back on, I heard the switch humm then off. Made sure the valve from the well was open and I noticed the wiring was exceptionally hot. Then switch never disengaged and then started to smoke.

I have 230V at the switch on both sides of the switch. I have 10gauge 2wire plus ground, running to pump. I want to say its an electrical issue outside of the well, but Im wondering if the pump is shot...again.


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First, welcome to AAC. 2nd, the homework section is for the tasks assigned by instructors (like school). Anyway to your problem. I assume that you have a tank that collects the water from the pump. In most well systems, that tank needs to have a reasonably large volume of air (sometimes in a rubber bladder, sometimes not) that will provide a cushion for the pressure and prevent short cycling. Without that air, the pump will turn on and immediately turn off, then immediately back on, etc, etc. whenever water is drawn. Since you say you have had to wait when taking bathes, it may be that short cycling has caused the pump to overheat and shut itself off on internal thermal protection. When the pump cools, the internal protection resets and the cycle repeats. Again, my guess is your tank is water logged and the repeated short cycling has burned both the pump and the contacts on the pressure switch.