Electrical Safety. Lineman survives 19,000V shock


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From what i can remember as a linesman its 33Kv betwean phases & about 19Kv betwean 1 phase & earth, which is what he was doing. Very lucky indeed.


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And that, kiddos, is why we don't play around power lines.
well, not that case specifically, because he lived, but you get the point
I could never be a lineman, waaaay too high stress for me, im slightly scared of a little 180V dc-dc converter...
And 19000 volts straight through the chest, its a miracle his heart wasn't simply vaporized :eek:


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Voltages doesn't go through you, c'mon now, it's the current that'll get you...
Yeah, that is because I said the leather gloves he was wearing helped. The current through his body was reduced by their high electrical resistance.