Electrical Fast Transient IEC/EN 61000-4-4

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i wonder why Burst tests have particular standards to measure at particular frequencies, like the burst period is 300msec and the repetition period is either 10µsec (100kHz) or 200µsec (5kHz).

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Hello there. :) There are five categories they call them "Failure Modes " for integrated circuits ( ICs) as specified in IEC 62132-1. I design embedded controllers for industrial & military applications. I'll speak only for the industrial applications. First thing I tackled in my designs is to insure that EFT and EMI cannot enter or exit my designs.
Industrial Embedded controllers are designed to generate and act on signals that have timing specifications comparable to that of transient-induced noise. Therefore, transient-induced noise is likely to interfere with these signals.
Increasing levels of silicon density/integration coupled with very high operating speeds can create conditions such that the components themselves become sources of conducted and radiated noise, putting additional demands on the application, which affects circuit reliability and interference.& doesn't look good on my yearly review.