Electrical Engineering Thesis Topics


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Which topics interest you? What parts of EE do you really like? What other topics interest you?

A person tends to be more motivated and creative when working on a project that interests them. Personally, I would much rather work on a project where I can create or troubleshoot rather than collect data and look for statistically relevant correlations and then prove causation.

I would NOT recommend looking for the project that will be the easiest. Look for something interesting - interesting for you.

Also, don't do it on your own and get stuck. Use your professors and classmates to discuss the problems and various approaches and resources. Doing it alone is boring and you don't learn nearly as much.

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My field is control and I'm interested in unmanned aerial vehicles. I also do your suggestions, but maybe different ideas inspire me.


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How about a fuzzy-logic path planning controller for UAVs?

Really, only you know what you are capable of; pick something just beyond that that interests you.

If you to into it knowing how you will implement it, it's not a project, but, rather, busy work...