electrical control system - escalator

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    Sep 3, 2013
    I work for a company in Austria and I am looking for creative people that could come up with a solution for the electric and communication system (for an escalator). In case the profile will fit, I can recommend them to the client for a collaboration.
    The current electrical control system consists of the drive control system, the communication system and the microcontroller board. All three components are housed in a control cabinet and are connected to several sensors in the escalator. The aim is now to substantially reduce the control and communication systems' weight (currently 50 kg) and dimensions (currently 500x700x300mm), to modernize the entire design and to make sure that the new control and communication system is based on a technology which allows for long-term upgradability and availability.

    Do you know someone who have experience in implementation of CAN bus systems for connecting multiple sensors? Or someone with experience in designing microprocessors and memory units?

    Thank you!