Electric Kart project (need helps)

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    Mar 7, 2008
    Hello everybody
    We have 1.8 hp dc motor that is Voltage max dc =180v.
    we have 10 battries [(12 Volt/12 Amp Hour) Sealed Lead Acid Battery ]

    we are using a buck-boost converter from 0 - 150 volt
    the vehcile is about 40 kg or more say 45 kg without battries

    with battries + driver +some equipment is about 150 kg

    we have installed the motor in the vehicle & connected
    we test it in the lab with a variable dc source we saw that:
    with 150 kg on it it moves by 70 volt dc & 25 amps

    we need your advice on the converter & dc motor

    if we boost the voltage to 150v will they withstand or break ?
    should we just keep it a buck - converter from 0 -120v ?

    we need your advice for the way to build up a buck - boost converter or a buck converter circuit and which is better for >>>voltage in and voltage out and duty ratio input current outpout currnet and the ripples ? for designing this circuit

    what is the best idea you have for this project ?

    if you have any good idea pleez post it here
    thank you guys
    i will be waitin