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I'm currently designing an electric elevator the problem is that I can't find the schematic to control it. I have found a way to open the doors but my only problem is controlling the elevator, so can you guys please help.


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We would need more input before proceeding. Things like the number of stops and the intended use for the elevator. If it's for people, there is a huge body of safety regulations that have to be addressed.

If there are more than a couple of stops, a microcontroller would be the thing to use.


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Elevator motion can be programmed as a relatively straight forward state-machine into a PLD. This is a classic state-machine problem/example used in PLD's, just do a search.

The solution depends upon the number of floors (buttons), the "call" buttons on the various floors, the open/close door buttons within the elevator, and where the elevator should rest when it is idle.