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hi everyone

i really need help with this proplems,i totally stuck from begin.

Given: R1= 2 ohm, R2 =1 ohm, R3= 3 ohm, R4= 2 ohm, R5 = 3 ohm, R6 =3 ohm
1. The voltmeter in the figure give a reading of v =1 V,and the resistances are given. Use the KCL and KVL to determine what the source woltage Vs must be in order to get this measured result. You will need to use both KVL and KCL, one node at a time or one branch at a time

p/s: sorry that my hand drawing picture

KCL = Kirchhoff's current law
KVL= Kirchhoff's voltage law
Vs= voltage source
Is= current source

Here is the Answers:
Vs= 20.666667
v1 = 6 ( where R1, R2, R3 join)
v2= 2 (where R3, R4, R5 join )


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defintely need the circuit diagram... because it doesn seem to be a ladder circuit or have you rounded off the values of v1 and v2


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you got to first find the equivalent impedence ..... so the current

V1=(9/11)*I (by current division)...



you have to first find I and then substituting .. ull get the reqd. answers