Electric Circuits analysis help

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Hi guys. I've just come from a brutal exam in circuits analysis where the professor is going to flunk 90% of the people.

I need a book to study from, because my problem is not that i don't understand the methods, it is that i don't understand the guy's method.

He is particulary keen on matrix methods, do you guys know of any book that can help me with that?


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Linear Algebra equates to Matrix Algebra. That is why I suggested the schaum's outline. The circuit analysis of first, second, and n-th order circuits in the s-domain can be solved by the same technique. You just replace the c's and l's with their equivalent impedances Xc and Xl and then analyze the circuit using your favorite circuit analysis method. After getting the final result in Xc and Xl you can then substitute their equivalents such as 1/sC and sL and simplify the expression.