Electric and magnetic similarity

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I found many similarities electromagnetic variables and relationships
Magnetic field strength H-> voltage U
Magnetic induction B-> current I
Permeability 1/μ-> resistance R
Magnetic volume V/2-> circuit time T
We know the electrical inside W = UIT = UUT / R = IIRT
So magnetism which W = HB (V / 2) = HH (V / 2) (μ) = BB (1 / μ) (V / 2)
Is it a coincidence that it is???


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We do have electromagnetic fields, in fact except in static cases all the fields are some of each.

If you look at the basic equations ( maxwell's ) you will see the similarity starts there. One of the big differences is that we do not observe any magnetic charges in nature. We could stick them in the equations ( perhaps ) but we can not find them. Nobel prize waiting for the first to find them.