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i came across this driverless solid state tesla coil schematic. im finishing up my first sparkgap tesla coil and i am new to solidstate coils. i just need some input on how this works. i asked the author about it and he sent me this:
Interrupter is a circuit that shuts down the coil and turn on times per sec. BPS is Break Per Second, its the interruption rate.
CW is Continuous Wave Mode, its when you run without a interrupter.
The interrupter can be a normal 555 oscillator, the TC4429 also, is only to step-up the voltage for 12V (if your interrupter output is less than that, like me that is 5V) if you make a normal 555 oscillator running by 12V, you can hook the 555 direct at mosfet gate :D

im a little confused about what 'interputer' means. does BPS just mean the falling and rising edges of a square wave? will this work without a interupter in CW? what is the difference in performance? my understanding is the IC bumps up the 5v from a square wave source to 12v to run the gates. or if i use a 555 at 12 v i can skip the IC. i just need a little clarification to get a clearer understanding.