EKG monitor - All in a box

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    Apr 1, 2016
    Hello to everyone. I hope to find the solution to my problem!
    I'm a medical student and an electronic enthusiast, recently I woke up with the crazy idea to build a EKG monitor which has a display with it. Let me explain: everything I found on the internet or here is just an amplifier connected with oscilloscope or pc... I want more! I want an all-in-one machine able to print on the screen a real time ekg.... Is that possible? I even thought to build it with Arduino or Raspberry Pi but i'm not that good in electronics and programming.. If someone helped me with this it would be a great moment to learn this kind of stuff!
    Here's a video of what i'd like to do, with the only exception of the electrodes, which should at least be 3 (if you don't know how ekg works you can google it and understand why 3 electrodes) and the toracic ones...
    Can someone help me?