EH300/301 Series Energy Harvesting Module from Advanced Linear Devices, Inc.

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    Mar 4, 2011
    Hi all.

    My team is harvesting energy from sound/vibration using a piezoelectric material. Then, we want to store the energy in some electronic circuit so that it can be used later on to power some load. I found an energy harvesting module called EH300/301 Energy Harvesting Module that is produced by Advanced Linear Devices, Inc.Check this:

    The features:
    • Complete energy harvesting functions
    • Random AC or DC inputs accepted
    • Broad range of irregular input voltage, current and
    • Compatible energy harvesting sources:
    - PZT, piezo electric fiber composite
    - solar photo voltaic cells
    - thermoelectric generators
    • Compatible with most wireless sensor networks (WSN)
    • Self-contained onboard energy storage
    • Self-powered and always active
    • High energy efficiency
    • High energy retention rate
    • Long operating life
    • No calibration or setup required
    • Maintenance free operation
    • Simple to use and operate
    • Optional external energy storage
    • Optional logic input/output control
    • Virtually unlimited operating cycles
    • CMOS logic compatible
    • Flexible output current range (0.1mA to 1A)
    • Size AA battery footprint
    • Moisture and dust protection

    I have a question if this module can really be used together with my piezoelectric material to accumulate and store the electrical output?

    Also, the module has several series to be chosen?Can anyone tell me what does this number means? I need to choose one of these to work with the piezoelectric to store enough charge to recharge a 3V battery?

    Part Number Description
    EH300 4.6 mJ Module / 1.8V to 3.6V operation
    EH300A 30 mJ Module / 1.8V to 3.6V operation
    EH301 8.3 mJ Module / 3.1V to 5.2V operation
    EH301A 55 mJ Module / 3.1V to 5.2V operation

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    Mar 4, 2011
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    Seems like the EH 301 could put out 2.3 X 10 to -9th power kW hr. If thoes are milli Joules.