Efficiency at 70% full load

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    Jan 1, 2011
    A transformer:

    -11000/220V 50Hz
    -NO load 0.3Amps
    -No Load losses = 650W

    i)iron loss current. = 59.1mA
    ii)magnetizing current = 294mA
    iii)no load pf. = 0.201

    b) a s.c. test gives Zeq =125Ω ref. to primary
    and full load Power losses = 850W


    i) full load sec current = 227.275Amps
    ii)efficiency with 70% full load and 0.8 pf lagging = 97.41% (not sure)
    iii) the regulation for the condition of b ii)

    My problem is that I'm not sure if i should consider Inot(no load component) in part a) to workout b ii) and where to apply the 0.8 pf lag.
  2. Tera-Scale

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    Jan 1, 2011
    I used the Power loss at full load and worked it out at 70% load to find the regulation at b ii) to be 0.9885

    Can anyone confirm it for me pls?
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    The worst case efficiency would occur at rated load of 50kVA.

    The stated full load loss is 850 Watts.

    So the full load efficiency would be 100* (50,000-850)/50,000 expressed as a %age - i.e 98.3%. So your answer of 97.41% at 70% of rated load is not consistent.

    I did some rough calcs as follows.

    Primary side Full load current = 50,000/11,000=4.545A

    The primary series resistance loss is approximately the full load loss minus the no load loss - i.e. 850W-650W=200W

    The series resistance is then Rps=200W/(4.545^2)=9.68Ω

    The stated primary series impedance is Zeq=125Ω (complex)

    Hence Xps=√(125^2-9.68^2)=124.6Ω

    At 70% rated load and 0.8pf the current will be 0.7*4.545 or 3.182A @ -36.87° [2.546-j1.91].

    The primary series power loss would then be 3.182^2*9.68=98W.

    Assume the iron losses are about the same @ 650W.

    Total losses at 70% rated power would be 748W.

    Giving an efficiency of 100*(50,000-748)/50,000=98.5%

    The primary voltage drop at 70% rated load and 0.8pf would be

    (9.68+j124.6)*(2.546-j1.91)=262.5+j298.7=397.7 @48.68° Volts

    The regulation would then be


    So I also get different answer on that score.