Effective power delivery factor (EPDF)

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    good day All.i was reading about the optimization of a rural area using renewable sources when i came across the term EFFECTIVE POWER DELIVERY FACTOR (EPDF). Please i need an explicit and in-depth explanation of this term.numerical examples showing how it is used is highly needed.All links, journals etc too will be most welcome.many thanks
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    Did you try Google ?
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    Any corrections made to 'Power Factor', which is a measure of voltage and current phase difference, would create a new power delivery factor. If these changes are measured over time you would get an 'average' power delivery factor. If measured once, they would be considered an 'instantaneous' value.
    A system which responds to changes in power factor in such a way that phase difference between voltage and current is reduced would increase the effective power delivery factor of a circuit, or distribution system.
    Several ways exist for doing this and they all have merits and drawbacks.

    Is there a method in particular you can name?