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I am following the PSU Dave is making on the EEVBlog. The device will cost at least 100 dollar, i figured out that a simple notebook charger on Ebay cost 10 dollar. The problem with a notebook charger however is, it's not adjustable. But anyhow, it's cheap and a good starting point to create something that is adjustable. My current goal is to get 10 volt with as much as possible current.
I am using the LM317 because it's cheap and does supply enough current. The LT6106 acts the same as a Max4080 current sense and what i tried to accomplish, when a change take place at the shunt resistor (a peak), the current must be lowered. When it's save again, the current must go to the fixed value (slowly).
Dave Jones used in his circuit a LM334 to correct the LT3080, i kept the LM334 but i doubt what usefulness the LM334 has. I can use the LM334 to increase the current (currently 800 Ma), or as a thermometer.
Anyway, here is the design in LTSpice. The voltage and current is not adjustable, but that needs to be solved in future versions.

Please, any comments on the design or hints and tips.

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I follow the EEVBlog. When I open your LM317_2.asc file, LTspiceIV gives me a message: Couldn't find symbol reg3all.