EECP Machine Module Shortage

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Hi All,

i am new to this field and interested to learn much about electronics.
My case is i have theraphy equipment for heart disease called EECP. Run in DOS OS.
Previously all working well until i figure it out it is hardware problem. Probabbly shortage on the motherboard.
I disamble all part and notice this is the mainboard module where the other sensor attached here.

im not sure where should i start troubleshooting the problem, things that i wanna try is to start the operating system and make sure the brain is fine.

there is no such services company in Indonesia that able to work on this equipment.
This is old technology from EECP generation 1

Anyone can suggest me or guide me to fix this problem?

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? Contact the manufacturer ((if it's still alive)) . . . or the board developer
both would be hard to identify after such a long time . . . ~20y i guess


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Wow! Many, many years ago (~40?) I made a timed, sequential, adjustable pressure system for three section MAST compression trousers. Something akin to the EEPC. CMOS IC logic with thumbwheel switches to set the timing. I think I still have the electronics. I used a mechanical pressure regulator. I don't think I have that. We referred to it as the Five-P "Practically Perfect Periodic Pants Puffer". It was a one-off. Used on one dying patient.