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I've never experienced an earthquake here in Virginia. I was just sitting here and everything shook just a little bit. Good thing Panasonic builds quality buildings I suppose. With the amount of media coverage that this is getting, you would think America was being attacked right now. Its almost as if they want to cause a panic. How am I supposed to fix plasmas if there is a panic? Well just thought that I would leave this here.



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For some reason the one room I was in didn't budge. We saw everyone else in the building run to the door but we had no idea why. Seems they all felt it, the ceiling tiles were wiggling about, but I saw and felt nothing.


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man I want to feel an earthquake! not fair:(

The closest I've ever gotten was the other day when the foundation repair guys had a hydraulic jack under my house.


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You don't really want to experience an earthquake. They're a bit unnerving.

I've been through a few of them; nothing major. One was around 4.0 on the Richter scale where I was; in Torrance, CA back in the early 90's. After things settled down, I went to the grocery store a couple of blocks from my house; EVERYTHING was off the shelves. What a mess. Widespread power outages. I was lucky, never had any damage.

Was driving up in the San Fernando Valley when the Northridge earthquake hit. That was around 6-7 on the Richter scale. I didn't even notice it while on the road, but it was a real disaster in Northridge.


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Dallas had one a couple of weeks ago, but it was so weak I missed it. I'm not sure, but I think I may have heard it though.

Remember, 2012 is coming! :D


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I've attached a picture of the devastation, sent to me by an old friend in California. The reaction of those on the east coast has been humorous to the folks who live in earthquake country.



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I was in the Philippines between the Navy base in Subic and the Air base in Angles City in an area with large rice patties when a earthquake happened. In the distance we first saw a large flock of birds suddenly fly into the air, then we saw a wave maybe a foot high moving at high speed with trees and small building jumping up as the crest of the earth-wave moved across the land. We got hit and bounced like on a trampoline, then it was gone. It was freaky to see it coming, I know it was fast but it seemed like slow-motion as it happened.