Earthed Oscilloscope

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Hi anyone, can someone advise me please. I have purchased a handheld Hantek oscilloscope and I am reading up on how to use them before it arrives. I was lead to believe that since the scope will be floating as it is not earthed I should not run into any major problems shorting things out. Then I read somewhere else that this is bad practice and should earth my scope to protect myself. can someone please help me to clarify this. Do I need to earth my portable scope when doing readings?.


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It depends on the application and situation.

If the circuit you are monitoring is powered at low voltages, say 24V or less, then it is less of a concern.

Most voltage measurements in an electronic circuit are taken at a node with respect to a COMMON reference point which is usually at ground potential. Hence in such cases you want your scope to be grounded.

The few times that it is advantageous to have a floating scope is when you wish to measure the potential difference across a component, for example, if you wish to measure the current pulse on the high side of a power supply.

If you are doing this on a high voltage supply then yes, the scope can be at a lethal potential.

In summary, yes you are more likely to be using the scope with the ground clip at GROUND.

In all cases, be aware of what you are doing.

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Many thanks for your reply. I am trying to learn about solid state guitar amplifiers, where I guess I will be dealing with high voltages I think. would be nice if there was books or videos with someone showing you where to take reading from on the board. this is hard to find.

Will I be okay as long as I stick to the secondary side and use a DMM for the primary?


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switching power supplies usually arent grounded on the input side. a scope qith a ground will cause a big problem if trying to get waveforms of a pwm chip or mosfet on teh primary side. the secondary side is usually grounded. linear supplies are ground refferenced on the primary side. use caution when using a scope around high voltages, read the precautions and ratings of the probes you will be using too.