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My first PCB with Eagle is for a cicuit with basically the same hardware repeated three times.

After a tidy up of names and values of the first "chanel" I simply copied it twice and connected things. The surprise was the awkward numbering I got for the IC's.

THere are a total of 3 IC's in each channel. I got one of the IC's numbered as IC60!! And the worst of it that the numbering in the two copied "channels" is not sequential. Actually, it went in the second channel and the twin, numbered as IC16 went to the last.

In line with the above, why I cannot give names that do not exist in the schematic?

Example: The very second IC I ADDed, got number IC3 because Eagle insisted in saying that IC2 "already exists". Partlist and netlist (obtained with EXPORT) do not show any IC other than those in the schematic.


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Do you have an image of your design? Even just a schematic could help. Sometimes Eagle's automatic numbering function really doesn't work too well. I believe you can change the numbers, though, by right-clicking the part and choosing "name". This should allow you to number the ICs manually.

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In the tools menu there are two icons, one for Name and another for Value. Choose the Name icon. Click on the tiny cross-hair of the component. What I do is change the name to something like IC9, some number that has not yet been used (out of the range of numbers you plan to use). Then go back and change the names to the numbers you want. I cannot think of any other way of doing it.

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Yesterday I was experimenting again. The complaint from Eagle is about me using "IC" to NAME the device that has (or has not?) "IC" in its name for the package, and so on...

Used "ChipXX" and all seems to work.

Traced the problem thanks to renumber-sch.ulp and another one I cannot recall by now.