EAGLE Light - dealing with pin headers

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Hey all,

I'm using Eagle light (free version). I am building a clock that has 17 LED's and I wanted to put them on a separate board with their resistors and connect them via a ribbon cable. I have a 20 conductor cable with connectors and two 10x2 pin headers (I'm guessing MA10-2).

My question is...in order to do the PCB (I wanted to do two PCB's) do I need to create two separate .sch files? One with the LEDs and the resistors connected to the pin header, and another with the counter outputs connected to the pin header. Or can I have the outputs connected to the pin header on the same schematic with the resistors and LEDs connected to another pin header.

I know it would be easy to do this on the schematic editor, but will I be stuck when I go to do the PCB?