Eagle learning curve

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Having failed to get CADON for Intellicad running in XP, I decided to take the Eagle challenge. It was steep at first, but I have a simple layout to try. Eagle does not produce the pretty schematics that other packages do, but the pcb layout is "slicker than snot on a doorknob". the NPN package I chose was all wrong, but I was given many choices to change it without visiting a library. The entire program is actually as "kludgy" as a 3D mechanical package (running on a UNIX box) that I mastered in the '90's. THAT package stated that the calculator used "Reverse Polish" data entry. It's late, I'll attempt output tomorrow.


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Google "Sparkfun Eagle Tutorial", and go through it.
It will help you avoid a number of pitfalls.

Use Erc early, and use it often. If you don't, you'll find yourself starting over with PCB's numerous times.


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I've used Eagle for a few years now. I started with QCAD, manually drawing components and footprints. Then I moved to KiCad. And it was like coming to heaven. Ready made symbols and footprints. And a neat inbuilt 3D function. But then my standards went up the next step, and I started using Eagle, and PovRay, to visualize my boards. This was like Paradise, to me. ExpressPCB, and the like, are nothing for me, 'cause I'm a Linux dude. :)
Eagle has some steep learning curve, but I've found it to be an excellent tool for me. It has a big components database, and it's quite easy to import new components.

Good luck with your learning, and remember the ERC. :)