E-Book Correction Procedure

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Forgive me if this has been addressed.

Is there an established procedure for introducing errors and requesting corrections into the books?

I understand and agree that the AAC authors have in the past both worked hard to avoid mistakes, and tended to have them corrected quickly.

* But what happens in the case of some disagreement over the content?
* What time-frame is reasonable for a correction request to be addressed?

I understand, volunteers, limited time, etc. But OTOH, if I am to present this material as an alternative to the traditional printed textbook from a textbook publisher, I have to be able to win the argument that the E-Book is equal to or greater than the other.

Therefore, may I ask, if there is not a well-defined procedure in place addressing the points mentioned above, or a compelling reason to avoid it. Why?

Sorry, I know this is going to take all of the fun out of it.


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This is the feedback mechanism, right here, this forum.

Someone like me verifies the comment, helps come up with the correction, then it waits for Dennis Crunkleton, our editor. He enters the changes in our master copy, which eventually make it into our local copy at AAC.

You can perview this forum to see how it works, it can be as simple as a typo correction to a full technical review.