Dvorak users?

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Anyone on here use the dvorak keyboard layout? :)
Im giving it a try, partially to see if i like it and it really is any better, and partially to see how fast I pick it up, a test of my neural plasticity, if you will

just curious of yalls thoughts!


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I tried it many years ago and was getting pretty good - about the same speed as qwerty, but then we got some new PCs at work which had the settings locked down and I found it hard to carry on. I did more typing at work than at home. I should really give it another try.


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Weird keyboard!

But I don't think it's optimal for two finger typing. That style means that sometimes you use the right hand finger for a letter, sometimes the left hand finger, it depends on where the 2 fingers are at the time the letter is needed.

So trying to force each hand on it's own set of keys is the opposite of productivity.

Having all the keys in one group close together would be best I think. Maybe 4 rows of alpha keys instead of the normal 3.


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Did you guys know the qwerty keyboard was invented to confuse secretaries and typers because the normal abc keyboard they typed so fast that the type writers would jam. So the QWERTY keyboard was made so that your typing would actually have to be slower then optimal. So with computers everywhere its kinda weird its stuck, because another layout could add 30-50 wpm to some people.


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I learned to touch type at the age of ten, at my peak I could do 100WPM error free, that was in eighth grade. Falling into bad habits and spending time in forums and chatting online my speed has fallen to a mediocre forty five to sixty words a minute. (typing speed is caffeine dependent)
I don't think I could EVER adapt to that keyboard layout.
Its bad enough I had to retire my IBM PS/2 original keyboards, typing on them was a joy few joys can surpass.

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I actually think I'm switching to the colemak layout, it supposed to be more efficient and so far seems easier to learn

and my speed has never gone down with qwerty, only up
(excluding caffeine variations)

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Interesting, I use <ctrl> z,x,c,v a lot and they are all in the wrong place on Dvorak.
me too, which is why i switched to colemak, it maintains those shortcuts in easy to reach places

colemak was assembled by looking at colected keyboard data, and computer generated the most efficient possible layout accounting for key combos