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I have seen many members trying to create circuits using ASCII symbols. Of course all those efforts go to waste, since the forum text editor deletes any duplicate space stokes as well as new lines.

Is there an option on vBulletin to deactivate this feature?


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The user can use the code tags to create ascii drawings.
That way the multiple spaces are allowed and there is a monospaced font used.

Here is an example using code tags:
Rich (BB code):
A B Output 
0 0  1
0 1  1
1 0  1
1 1  0
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I occasionally do it a different way. I select white for dots to use as spaces, and select Courier font because all the characters are the same width. It is a pain in the buttocks though.

Column 1 Column 2 Column 3
..Red...... Grey..... Blue
..Yes...... No....... Yes
...0........ 1........ 0


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Using the CODE tags automatically selects a fixed-width font (on my system, Courier New). I find it a pain in the neck when someone else uses fonts or colors in a post that I want to quote, because I have to strip all of the formatting out just to be able to read it and reply.