Dump EEprom and program ATMega32 using AVr-isp-Mk2 and ATmel Studio6.

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    Nov 23, 2012
    Have bought a kit that use ATMega32-16PU. Would like to dump eeprom. I am a beginner using ATMega. Have read a tread
    showng how to connect ISP to Atmega on a breadboard using "2 header on a board" making the correct connection, between ISP and pin 6 to 11. On breadboard pin 11 and 31 GND and 10 to 30 5V. But studio6-tools menu did not connect to CPU. Think I read someware that this could be dangerous as I do not know any fuses setting. (the cpu is preprogramed)

    I have a dif kit where the ISP can be connected on the board for reprograming and this work fine. Have loaded new prog a few times. But I do not know if the is general ok or if it depend on some setting of fuses?
    Was wondering if it is safer to connect the ISP to the "main board".CPU PIN 6, 7, 8 , is aviable if I unplug the LCD, connect ips 2 to pin 10(5v) and 6 to 11 GND. Only for pin 9 RST must I solder a connector. (THe pin-no should be correct, my be typing-error) Have attach a picture of the CPU. (Hope this is understandable)

    My main question: Can I destroy the cpu depending on setting. Or are there othet user-frendly tools that I could use instead(Have alredy make an ATtiny to "brick" as a beginner error)
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    If you have done what you say, it should work. What are you using to power your MCU?

    You can certainly mess up the fuses to such a point that you'd need to use HV programming to correct the problem, but you should not destroy the MCU.

    You might try to disconnect the LCD and try that.