Dual Timer - Advice needed

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Hi! I need to create a dual timer that fullfills the following requirement using 555 or 556 IC: one you press the push button, a led has to blink for 5 seconds, then it must be turned off and a second LED has to be on (no blinlking) for another 75 seconds.
I've seen other dual timer projects that can be considered as a start, but I don't know if I can solve this with only one 556 (2 555) or I need 3 555s (for the blinking part).
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If you want blinking you need 3 555s. The blink is a oscillator. Acually you don't have to use a 555 at all, a µC or a logic network made with digital gates could do it. I'd use 555s, but that is the way I roll.

I'll see if I can quickly draw up a the blinking 5 second timer(s) for you...