Dual slope integration help

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I'm trying to design a Dual slope integrator for a digital power meter,the problem i'm facing is that i dont quite understand how the dual slope integrator works.

I know that it uses a fixed period of time to charge a capacitor with an unknown voltage and then uses a negative reference voltage to discharge it whilst tiiming the run down.
  1. What i don't get is whether the fixed period of charging is determined by the RC network or by the controller?
  2. I know once the run down phase begins,the controller counts the number clock pulses coming in,and then obtains the run down period from that,Its the whole resolution and sampling rate part i do not understand.
  3. How do you change the whole thing so that you'll measure current?Do you do it in the microcontroller or
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To measure current you can measure the voltage across a small shunt resistor in series with the current and calculate the current using Ohm's law.