DUAL power supply (JFET)

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Preferable choice for dual supply in low voltage electronic circuits

  1. JFET

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  2. Relay

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  3. Zener+Transistor

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  4. Comparators

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  1. nightcrawler218

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    Dec 24, 2012

    I am trying to do a simple modification in a standard circuit by adding dual-power supply with automatic selection ( Since I dont want to manually setup the jumper wires for power port selection.) JFETs are my choice for making this alteration.

    The purpose:
    The device will take the first power source. If both the power sources are connected accidentally, the device will draw current ONLY from the first connected source & the second source will be entirely blocked.

    Suggestions & Help:
    I have attached the circuit & datasheet of the P-Channel JFET (2N5460) with this post. Any suggestions regarding modifications & alteration of the circuit will be appreciated.

    2N5460 Datasheet - http://www.eng.yale.edu/ee-labs/morse/compo/datasheets/2n5460-d.pdf

    Thanks in Advance
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