Dual channel EEg system through PIC16F887

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I am working on multiple channel ADC to RS232 using PIC16F887
Now the problem is that I want to build dual channel EEG systems which transmit data of both channel to the serial Comm (PC) simultaneously...
Something like this ...

For example: when I get output 8 bits for each channel, the Data bytes should take turns, i.e., I have to program the uC internally to send out the data like this. See below:

EEG Channel A ->
|-->uC / PIC--> Data A, Data B, Data A, Data B, -> uC Serial port
EEG Channel B ->

What i have tried so far is the code below...

unsigned short temp_res;
unsigned short temp_res1;
char buf[7];
char buf2[7];
int i;
void main() {
ADCON1 = 0x80;
ANSEL = 0xFF; // Configure AN2 pin as analog
C1ON_bit = 0; // Disable comparators
C2ON_bit = 0;

TRISA = 0x03; // PORTA is input
TRISD = 0; // PORTC is output
TRISB = 0; // PORTB is output

do {
temp_res = ADC_Read(1)>>2 ;
PORTD = temp_res;
temp_res1 = ADC_Read(0)>>2 ;
PORTB = temp_res1; // Send lower 8 bits to PORTB

for(i = 0; i < 7; i++)

} while (1);

The program above shows output on terminal like this 49341
but it must be like this 94143 (because I applied 2.8V on AN0 and 1.85 on AN1)
Sorry,, If I have done something really stupid in the code :p because I am very beginner for PIC programming so I really need help...
If u ppl can guide me for my purpose in some more better way then I will be really thankful to all of u ...