DSSS reciever and transmitter, help pls

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    Mar 10, 2008
    :)i am starting a project on a direct sequence spread spectrum receiver transmitter system. so far, i have read some literature on the subject and although i get the basic(since my sytem shudnt be complicated) picture, i cant get thru to some of the components.
    e.g i dont get how a pn code generator works n i cudnt find a hardware version of it (IC) online but i was able to find the module in softwares like MATLAB. my implementation needs hardware. here r a few questions i have:
    1. can i get an IC pn code generator? one that i can control preferably
    2. can i get a dsss receiver or transmitter circuit that i can use or refer to? so far i've been unsuccessful
    3. can i get any lead regarding this subject?

    i understand some of the theories involved in the system but am looking for something to make a working circuit from

    i included some useful block diagrams i came accross to help:

    it'll be great if i can have any information on the receiver synchronization circuit. the more literature i read, the more detailed it gets and confusing since diff approaches are used in some instances.