dsPIC30F4011 to control the output voltage of a SMPS IC

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Bhargav Jani

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Hello All,

I wish to use the dsPIC30F4011 in my application.

There are two regulators I have to use in my application. The one is from TI LM25117-Q1, which is Step-down regulator . The dsPIC is a 40 PIN digital signal controller. I am confused about using digital POT , optocoupler, or anything other circuit components to control the output voltage of LM25117-Q1. It has a FB pin, is it feasible to use any op-amp with few components to control and change the output voltage.

Attached is the diagram of LM25117-Q1 (typical schematic)
and dsPIC30F4011.

Suggestions, changes , any ideas welcome!