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hello all!
i have got a dsp project which has to be developed in simulink.
the poject specification is here:
Design a DSP system that utilizes the following concepts
a. Sampling and Quantization
b. ADC(specify the mechanism)
c. DFT (specify the algo)
d. Processing in Frequency domain (Filtering, compression etc)
e. IDFT(specify the algo)
f. DAC(specify the mechanism)
g. Comparison of output with input resulting in a statement showing the benefit of the process.

the input in my project is an image signal and the output should be a magnified image. can anybody help me with it coz i am new to simulink and i need a start to carry on with my design part of the project.
thanx in advance for help.

and if any body has a better idea than "magnifying the image", then i can talk to my instructor and can change the project. but i badly need help coz i have to submit it in the first week of jan.


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Now I know why I enjoy analog. I would look on TI's website at their C6000 DSP family. It is known for video applications. They might have a sample project available or you could even call their technical support and ask for tips.

There is one application note called "High Resolution Video Using the DM642 DSP and the THS8200 Driver." Don't know if it is worth your time.

Analog Devices also has DSP's but I never used them. I believe ADI is well known for audio rather than video in DSP apps.

I will take transfer functions of op-amps over C code any day of the week.